A-level Psychology

A-level Psychology
I have experience tutoring the following specifications/exam boards for A-level psychology: 
  • OCR
  • AQA
To achieve your A-level Psychology qualification, you will sit three exam papers. The exam dates for A-level Psychology in the summer of 2020 are as follows:
  • Paper 1 (AQA) or Research methods (OCR) - TBC
  • Paper 2 (AQA) or Psychological themes through core studies (OCR) - TBC
  • Paper 3 (AQA) or Applied psychology (OCR) - TBC
And for these exam papers, you will cover various topics, such as
  • research methods
  • core studies
  • issues and debates
  • approaches and perspectives
If students have a gmail email address, they can get access to LESSONing the Load's Google Classroom when they book one-to-one online sessions. Here, they will find resource packs that map the specifications closely and, alongside course content, they contain knowledge checks, exam style questions and mark schemes.