21 Aug

This grand large creature can travel at speed. 

With a fiery head his roar so loud, 

other animals run dodging his claws. 

His intimidating eyes are eerie. 

This treacherous animal with a long, 

whip-like, breakneck tail, equipped to kill. 

A lion or dragon, which do you think?

This fantastic poem was produced by Ryan, aged 13 (KS3 English). When I read this poem for the very first time, I got a real sense of energy from it. The rhythm and beats of each line create the drama and movement to swiftly carry you through the stanza as if you're soaring or running with the creature, or perhaps trying to escape from its claws. It's been very cleverly crafted, and I love that I'm still left wondering what kind of creature the beast is because Ryan has built into the poem, very carefully, description that could apply to so many predators.

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