03 May

I can't believe how quickly the GCSEs have crept up on us, but don't let exam stress ruin your appetite for learning or for food at this point in the year. You've come so far already, and these exams that have dominated your lives for the past few months, will soon be a distant memory. Phew! But when you're in the thick of revision, it's easy to skip meals, and that's not good; it isn't going to do your concentration any favours, so make sure you have regular meals and snacks, get plenty of sleep and stay hydrated. 

You have to look after yourself during exam season. When I was an A-level classroom teacher, I'd walk into the exam hall and be pretty confident that a good chunk of the students would be coughing or sniffling, clutching soggy tissues (gross, I know!) and battling some kind of bug they'd picked up. And that's not what anyone needs when they're facing a potentially life-changing exam, is it? But stress had depleted their immune systems, and too many of them looked tired and pale. 

However, there are things you can do now to help yourself and prepare that immune system of yours for the onslaught of the next six weeks. Have a hearty breakfast on a morning for a start. They say oats are good for those that love a bit of porridge, don't they? It's something to do with the fact that they release energy slowly. And I know a protein-packed breakfast, like eggs, could keep you feeling fuller for longer, so that might be something else worth considering. Then, come lunchtime, you might want to snack on some salmon for its brain-boosting properties, and even add in an accompaniment of leafy greens or veg from the Med with your evening meal to keep yourself in tip-top condition. It's all manageable if you consider the three simple things I mentioned at the start of this post: get plenty of sleep, stay hydrated and think about the fuel you're putting into your bodies. So why don't you chuck out the chips and pizza, the chocolate and crisps, the sugary snacks and fizzy drinks, and instead (unless you have allergies to them) make way for wholegrains, nuts and seeds, or eat a rainbow of fruit and veg while chomping on some oily fish. And don't forget to keep a bottle of water handy at all times - your brain will certainly thank you for that - and it's just as important to give your grey and white matter time to recuperate from intensive revision and exams with one of the things that the complex pair love the most: sleep! 

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