26 Aug

Haikus are a form of Japanese poetry. They are really short poems and only have 3 lines in them. The first line should contain 5 syllables, the second should have 7, and the final one is back to 5. 

Haikus are often about nature, but Max, aged 14, has been practising his poetry skills by writing a funny one. I honestly don't think he could have picked a better form of poetry for his words. 

Haikus aren’t too hard. 

This haiku proves that they aren't. 

Haikus are easy.

Now, I appreciate you're probably wondering why the word 'mushroom' appeared in the title of this post. Well, let me introduce you to the fabulous 'Mushroom Boy', Max's creation. I'm sure you'll agree that I am extremely lucky working with such talented young people.

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