20 Aug

Nature and her children  

Nature sings to me, 

Nature nurtures me, 

Nature is beautiful and wonderful, 

Nature is our mother, 

That is why I am upset when Nature is sad. 

Like when her wood children (the ones that give me splinters when they’re annoyed) are slayed down, 

And when her winged children (the ones that usually fly away from me when I come too close) are shot straight from the sky. 

As well as when her exotic children (the unusual ones) are murdered and then twisted and stretched to create something to wear. 

Sometimes she cries so hard that her rivers of tears overflow,

But no one comforts her, 

She and her children are scared and alone, 

No one wants to help her except you and I, 

So, I beg you, 

Will you help me stop the people hurting Nature and her children? You will? 

Thank you.  

Nature looks after us, so it is right that we do the same for her and our brothers and sisters. 

After all, nothing is as powerful as kindness, love, and friendship. 

So, help Nature and our siblings!

This poem was written by Megan, 11 years of age (KS3 English). It's an incredible piece from a talented poet, but I don't think it needs any further comment from me because the message within it is so powerful. 

The images within this post have all been kindly reproduced with permission from another talented KS3 English student and photographer, Eden, who is also aged 11.

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