24 Aug

Whilst I've been spending my summer break at home or close to home, one of the amazing KS3 students, Conrad who's 11, has been regaling me with tales of his adventures in the Orkney Islands. He's also, thankfully, sent some incredible photos for me to share with everyone, and now, thanks to what Conrad has been able to show me about these islands, they are very much a place I would one day love to visit. Conrad says that

"Everyone is going on about Stonehenge; however, there are more 'stone circles' and some are possibly older! There are some of the older ones in the Orkney Islands like the 'Stones of Stenness' and a slightly newer set of stones called the 'Ring of Brodgar'."

Ring of Brodgar:

Ring of Stenness:

These stones must hold a lot of mystery and I bet if they could speak, they would tell a good tale as Conrad has explained to me that their 'purpose is unknown'. 

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