17 Aug

What happened on Thursday was an absolute travesty. It could have been a relatively fair system, if implemented properly - not perfect, but as fair as it could have been under the circumstances. However, class privilege has brought it down to the gutter, preventing social mobility and sending out a message to those students from the wrong postcode that hard work doesn’t get you anywhere. Those that have will always have, and those that don’t might as well slip into a state of learned helplessness and accept their fate, it seems. You see, that’s what the Government want our young people to do. Pipe down and keep calm, after all we are British! How the Government can stand there with straight faces and announce the system to be “robust” and “dependable” is beyond me.
And this is storing up huge issues for the students about to go into year 13, too. Lots of parents have been saying to me this week that they’re relieved their son or daughter isn’t receiving their results this year, but the reality is likely to be that many, many of the students who received disappointing results on Thursday will resit, and who can blame them if they decide on that path. However, they will then be fighting for university places with the new year 13s, and there just aren’t enough places to go around. Those in power have absolutely devastated hardworking students from disadvantaged areas up and down this country. These students were to be our scientists, researchers, doctors, lawyers, journalists, teachers of the future, but because they couldn’t pay for their education, their dreams have been shattered with the opening of an envelope, and they had zero control over the situation. Can you imagine how that feels? We have to fight for them now because they are our tomorrow.

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