A-level Psychology (suitable for AQA content)

These webinars have been designed to work through key elements of the AQA A-level Psychology content that students will need for their summer exams. Sessions cost £4.99 per week, per student.

Places are limited. To reserve a place on the weekly webinars, please use the following link:

Webinar Registration - Zoom 

You should receive a booking confirmation via email within 24 hours of booking your place on a webinar. If this does not happen, please notify LESSONing the Load immediately. At the very latest, notify LESSONing the Load within 24 hours of the start time of the booked session (see T&Cs). The booking confirmations are automatically generated through the PayPal/Zoom system and not by LESSONing the Load. 

The scheme of work below is subject to change at any time as it is a working document so please get in touch if you'd like to know what we're currently working on.