GCSE Psychology

This weekly 45-minute webinar with LESSONing the Load will help your son or daughter develop the skills and knowledge needed for GCSE Psychology. A second free drop-in session will also be held weekly for the OCR Psychology webinar students to help them with their exam skills. The free session will be invitation only and is not recorded.

You can see on this page a scheme of work and the proposed topics that we aim to cover each week. The scheme of work below is subject to change at any time as it is a working document so please get in touch if you'd like to know what we're currently working on.

Places are limited. To secure a place on the webinars, please follow this link: 

Webinar Registration - Zoom 

You should receive a booking confirmation via email within 24 hours of booking your place on a webinar. If this does not happen, please notify LESSONing the Load immediately. At the very latest, notify LESSONing the Load within 24 hours of the start time of the booked session (see T&Cs). The booking confirmations are automatically generated through the PayPal/Zoom system and not by LESSONing the Load.