Will we need expensive equipment for the online tuition sessions?

All you will need, as far as technology goes, is access to a PC/laptop/tablet with a camera and speakers, and to be able to access the web browser Chrome. Online tuition sessions take place through a video-conferencing site called Zoom, which (for our purpose) is free to use.

Students may also need access to the following standard equipment:
lever-arch files,
file dividers,
paper (plain, lined, squared and graph),
coloured pens/pencils and
relevant texts.

Before each session, I will notify you what will be needed for the next.

Why should we choose online tuition?

I'm going to be completely honest with you and say that when I first heard about online tuition, I was rather sceptical, thinking that it could never provide the quality that traditional face-to-face tuition offered, but I'll admit now that I was wrong. Online tuition not only allows greater flexibility of learning techniques, it also offers a greater wealth of resources for sessions and, interestingly, students naturally verbalise their thoughts more, which embeds learning. Plus, many students love using technology when they're learning and, for some families, it's less intrusive because a tutor isn't physically entering their homes. 

How often do we need to schedule sessions?

I'd advise at least one session of one hour per week of the subject of your choice. If you are having both Maths and English sessions with LESSONing the Load, you may be inclined to opt for two hours, depending on what school year the child is in, how they are coping with their courses and how much time they have available. Every learner is different. 

Is there a waiting list?

The answer to this question will obviously depend at the point in the year that you make contact; however, usually my response is yes. For instance, my diary for the academic year 2020 already has students booked in.

Why should we pick you?

What's important is that you find the best fit for the learner and their needs, and that could be me. I'm a really friendly tutor, a highly experienced educator and always do my best for students. Furthermore, I'm a stickler for organisation and provide my tutees with free resources in the form of resource packs to help their learning.

Please take a look at the reviews on this site from past students and parents. 

How do we pay for sessions?

Sessions are paid for 72 hours in advance through bank transfer. Please see the terms & conditions on this site for further details about payments and the cancellation policy.