My daughter has been attending these webinars every week for key stage 3. At first I was not sure what to expect as they are not at all expensive. However they are very good value for money and we use the resources in the virtual classroom every week."


 I can't recommend Allison highly enough, both my children have accessed her tutoring service and have grown in confidence and ability."


 Absolutely excellent, Alison has tutored my eldest daughter and put her at ease straight away, we were amazed by the progress and results. Alison is now tutoring my youngest daughter and again they have a fantastic rapport. I would highly recommend Alison."


 My son has started Alison's maths and English webinars this year. He has always like mathematics, but for the first time, he's actually showing an interest in English. We will definitely be returning in September."


 Allison has helped me massively to develop essays, my analysis and my writing in english and has helped to develop my understanding in maths in order for me to achieve a better grade than what I was achieving at the time but most importantly has helped me to grow in confidence and believe in myself more. Her warm persona and encouraging smile immediately makes you feel at ease and I would recommend her to anyone xx"


 Before Allison helped me, I was predicted grade 6s in English Language and Literature but I’ve just achieved a grade 9 in my Language mock and an 8 in Literature (almost a 9). I also found certain topics in Maths to be a challenge. However, in my recent mock results and with Allison’s help I achieved a grade 7. She knows what she is talking about and how to structure answers well."


 After only achieving grade 2/3s in Maths and 4s in English I decided it was time for me to get a tutor as I wasn’t happy with my grades and struggled to understand a lot of the work at school. Allison was amazing and really helped me understand things not only that I was learning currently but work i hadn’t understood in the past that my school hadn’t gone back over. I came out with my GCSE’s with a 5 in Maths which was a massive improvement and a 7 in both English Lit and English Language which I never ever imagined to get! So helpful and definitely worth the extra time I put in outside of school."


 Best tutor I ever had. She's got the most lovely personality but works hard alongside you to get the job done and learns how you work to make sure she teaches in a way you understand."


 Allison is incredibly supportive, easy to get along with and makes you feel very comfortable. She knows the specification inside out and knows exactly what the examiners are asking for, but makes sure you still understand the reasons behind things. She was so helpful and we loved her so much that she now tutors my sister. I would recommend her to anyone!"


 I couldn’t recommend Alli more to anyone! She is there 24/7 for you, you can message her anytime with any queries and she’ll get back to you with a very helpful answer. Alli is an understanding tutor and can help with anything you’re struggling with, whether it be how to tackle questions or memory of case studies. You have to put your own graft in but with Alli there, it takes some of the stress off and helps you feel more prepared. I’d give Alli so many more stars than 5 if I could, 10000% recommend her for anyone needing a tutor"


 Alli taught me for two years, and thanks to her I got a good mark! Really knowledgeable, patient and supportive, as well as putting to use a great sense of humour to make learning interesting and fun. I would recommend Alli to anyone wanting to study the subjects she teaches."


 Great subject knowledge and helped me to achieve a 6 in my GCSE Maths after achieving 5’s all year 👍👍"


 Allison tutored me before my GCSE Maths. Before she helped me I wasn’t even managing to get grade 4 because I had big gaps in my knowledge and didn’t really understand some of the questions. But in my final exam I was told I had achieved the highest in the year! I couldn’t believe I’d managed to pass it and get such a high grade and the college I chose even asked if I wanted to consider doing A level Maths. Thank you Allison."


 Allison is a dedicated, friendly and incredibly warm teacher who had a huge impact on my life. Her time, patience and constant support helped me to achieve excellent grades in an incredibly difficult period during my life, and I don't know what I would have done without her! Allison helped me to find the confidence to continue my studies, and achieve my degree. Now I'm running my own business! Thanks so much Allison!"


 Allison has been tutoring me a level psychology since January in preparation for my exams this month. She is absolutely amazing, inspirational and the loveliest lady you will ever meet! She has gone above and beyond to help me with anything and everything you can think of. I would recommend Allison to anyone who is looking for a tutor as she will make a huge difference to your learning. If I could give her a million stars I would, but I guess 5/5 will have to do."


 Alli is a fantastic tutor who puts her every effort into your learning experience! She strives to deliver the knowledge needed in a fun and creative way which in turn helps to achieve the best results. Alli is very caring and compassionate and makes you feel valued always. She was supportive not only in the classroom but if you needed any further guidance after! She is everything you would want in a teacher."


 I honestly probably owe a good chunk of my current career to you - I needed As at A level to get into Newcastle Uni (and needed that uni to get my current job) and after AS year I was very much a B student. I really felt I benefitted from the structured approach you took to teaching us all of the studies and how to answer the questions. Nothing was ambiguous, I always knew exactly where I was and exactly where I needed to go, even though you had a big class at the time. It was also so nice to have someone teach who was so lovely and seemed to perfectly understand and deal with the stress everyone felt running up to the exams. Psychology lessons with you were a perfect mix of hard work and fun, and if I didn't get that grade I wouldn't have been accepted into Newcastle. Definitely 5 stars!"


 Alli was the most supportive and provided us with a variety of ways to revise the topics. She is an amazing teacher who goes the extra mile for her students and makes learning enjoyable so if you're thinking about hiring a tutor for your son/daughter ring Ali"


 Allison taught me A-level psychology at college. She is very experienced and knowledgeable. She teaches her lessons effective, engaging and fun. She always offered after hours support via social media and email. If ever I was seeking higher education she would be my first choice. I would 100% recommend her to all my family and friends."


 I now have a undergraduate degree in Applied Psychology and a masters in Psychological Research Methods and work in Marketing where I use both of my degrees every day and none of this would have been possible without Allison. As my sixth form teacher she sparked a interest in psychology that I didn't have before with her engaging teaching methods and nurturing teaching style. Going at your pace Allison will make sure you actually understand the subject and can apply it in a real world setting. She always went the extra mile for me and I'm eternally grateful as it lead to the life I have now."


 I had the pleasure of having Allison as my teacher back in college when I completed Alevel Psychology. In college, I struggled with the academic side of things and much preferred the practical elements. At the time I was studying to be a nurse and psychology was a subject that related to nursing when looking at evidenced based research. Little did I know that I would learn to love psychology not because of the subject itself but because who was teaching me. Ali brought humour, compassion and overall joy to our classes. Ali has exceptional knowledge and her personality shines through her work. This then encourages you to enjoy learning which at times was very hard for me to do in other subjects. I would recommend her to anyone."


 One of the most helpful teachers I have ever had, contributed to my love for Psychology. Loved being taught by Alli."


 A truly amazing teacher with passion and enthusiasm. Aids students using varying strategies and proactive lessons. Alli taught me Psychology A Level 8 years ago and I can recall exciting and innovative lessons."


 I cant get Allison anything but a five star review. I had the pleasure of having her as my teacher almost 15 years ago now and can still remember lessons and theory. If I can be half the teacher Allison is I will be beyond outstanding! Amazing lady who's work will stay with you for years!"


 A Great Teacher And I should know. Phil Bimpson. Prisoner 146. BBC Prison Experiment"


 “In the small matters trust the mind, in the large ones the heart”- Freud. Education can be scary and kindness within its realms rare. Throughout my education I have met teachers and academics who have helped me become the person that I am today and out of all of those people, Ali has had the biggest positive impact. From inspiring me in her role as my A-Level Psychology teacher to taking on the monumental role of tutoring me in Mathematics for my Nursing application. I will forever be grateful for meeting Ali and I attribute a substantial amount of my academic performance to her tutoring. Thank you Ali. – E.Gale."

E. Galestudent

 We would give Alison 5/5 as a tutor, she is patient, very professional and approachable, superb communication and we felt privileged to welcome her into our home, without doubt she was instrumental in helping my son achieve success!!!!!"


 I've been attending Ali's webinars because of lockdown and being worried about missing so much college work because my college hasn't done many online sessions. Now I feel much more prepared for my mocks."


 My DD suffers from anxiety and was nervous about starting the webinar sessions but Alli put her at ease immediately. She is now hoping to go on and study the GCSE with Alli."


 We love Alli's sessions in this household. My two children attend all of her KS3 webinars and she is their favourite teacher. She always has a smile on her face."


 We were recommended Alli's iGCSE English Language sessions by a friend and I'm so glad. I don't know what we would have done without them this year."

J. P.Parent

 It's so nice to know my son is working with a tutor who cares. Nothing is too much trouble for Alli. GCSE Psychology was a new subject for him, but she's so approachable and she has been there to answer every question we've had."


 I've been attending the A level webinars each week this year with Alli for Psychology and feel so much more confident about the exams now. It was nice knowing there was someone who was an experienced psychology teacher that I could ask for help outside of college. We don't have a lot of money but these sessions have been really affordable for my mum. My marks have gone up from Cs and Ds to As in class assessments. Some of the tips Alli gave me for writing answers and making the revision more manageable have made a big difference to me. I just wish I'd known about these sessions in my first year at college."