GCSE Psychology

By booking any sessions or services, you are agreeing to the T&Cs, which can be found on this site. 

Webinars (OCR specification):

Weekly webinars equivalent to only £3.99 per student, per session. Term-time only. A 45-minute webinar for GCSE Psychology to help students prepare for their exams.

The weekly 45-minute webinars with LESSONing the Load are held on a Tuesday at 10 am and are designed to help students develop the skills and knowledge needed for GCSE Psychology. A free drop-in session will also be held weekly for the OCR Psychology webinar students (Wednesday at 12.30 pm) to help them with their exam skills. The free session will be invitation only and is not recorded.

The advertised block of webinar sessions for GCSE Psychology runs from (and includes) Tuesday 4th June to Tuesday 16th July. This is a 7-week block so payment, which is non-refundable, for these sessions totals £27.93 (7 x £3.99).

Places are limited in the webinars. To book a place on the webinar(s), please email LESSONing the Load for payment details (lessoningtheload@gmail.com). Payment is to be made via a bank transfer at least 72 hours before the start of the block. Once payment is made, please email LESSONing the Load with the following details:

- name on the account that payment was made from

- name of student who would like to register for the sessions

- the sessions the student would like to register for

- email address to send the webinar link to

You should receive a booking confirmation via email within 36 hours of booking your place on a webinar. This should contain the link to access your sessions. If this does not happen, please notify LESSONing the Load immediately. At the very latest, notify LESSONing the Load at least 36 hours before the start time of the booked session (see T&Cs). 

Sessions are recorded; however, recordings will not be sent out automatically to all attendees. Students unable to make the live sessions will be emailed the recordings within 24 hours of the live session. If a student who attended the live session would like to watch the recording(s), they must email to ask for the link to be sent out. Recordings are only available until the end of the block in which the sessions have taken place. 

You can see on this page a scheme of work and the proposed topics that we aim to cover each week. The scheme of work below is subject to change at any time as it is a working document so please get in touch if you'd like to know what we're currently working on.

Small Group sessions (OCR specification):

To book a place in the weekly small group session, please contact LESSONing the Load directly, either by Facebook or email (lessoningtheload@gmail.com). Small group sessions are priced equivalent to £10 per week and sessions are held during standard term times only. Students will be set assessments on a regular basis (usually 2-3 pieces each half-term block, which will inc. one set of mock papers towards the end of their course) for the small group sessions, and if they would like these pieces marked, they must meet the deadlines given. Students will also be invited to attend the weekly drop-in session (webinar-style). Payments for the small group sessions are always made in half-term blocks that are non-refundable. The maximum number of students in a small group is 10 so places are limited. 

1:1 sessions (OCR, Edexcel or AQA):

To book a 1:1 place, please contact LESSONing the Load directly, either by Facebook or email (lessoningtheload@gmail.com). 1:1 GCSE Psychology sessions are priced at £50 per hour, which includes the setting and marking of assessments if requested (during term time). Places are limited and LESSONing the Load operates a waiting list for 1:1.

GCSE Psychology marking service

The setting and marking of assessments is not included in the price of the webinars or pre-recorded sessions. However, LESSONing the Load does run a separate marking service if availability allows. Payment for this service is made before the setting and marking of assessments. Students have 14 days to return their answers to be marked from the date the assessments are issued. Payment is non-refundable if they fail to do so. Answers must be emailed either in Word doc. or PDF form.

  • £10 per A4 side and £5 for every additional side of marking.
  • £25 per exam paper (e.g. Paper 1 or Paper 2).