Power of Placebo


This series of 5 sixty-minute webinar sessions to look at the power of the mind through the placebo effect runs when timetabling allows.

Sessions cost £4.99 per week, per student.

Places are limited. Please use the following link to book your place on this course. You need to book a place for each week you'd like to attend:

(Link will be posted here when sessions are timetabled and available to book).

You should receive a booking confirmation via email within 24 hours of booking your place on a webinar. If this does not happen, please notify LESSONing the Load immediately. At the very latest, notify LESSONing the Load within 24 hours of the start time of the booked session (see T&Cs). The booking confirmations are automatically generated through the PayPal/Zoom system and not by LESSONing the Load. 

This series of 5 sessions forms a short course and is intended purely for educational purposes. It is not intended for the purpose of providing medical advice. It may not be suitable for young students.